“Before we started our recycling operation, we hauled everything to the landfill. As our business increased, it became clear that recycling was the right thing to do as a corporate citizen. By extending landfill life and lessening the demand for new construction material, recycling is the environmentally responsible way to dispose of waste. By turning waste into something worthwhile, we absolutely believe we’re making Atlanta a cleaner and healthier place.”
Wes Turner, Founder

Building a Smarter, Innovative Waste and Recycling Platform

At Waste Eliminator, we believe beneficial re-use and recycling is the future of waste management. We provide several recycling options that divert waste from landfills and reuse materials that allow us to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. Our mission is to leave the world a better place than we found it by helping its inhabitants find purpose in becoming its caretakers.

Materials we recycle

  • Cardboard
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Organics
  • And More

Beneficial Re-Use

Our recycling infrastructure allows us to reinvent the way that organic waste material is processed by diverting reusable organic matter from landfills and offering our customers beneficial re-use solutions that provides waste with a new life by processing it into nutrient-rich soil products.

LEED Projects

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the nationally-accepted benchmark for the design, construction, demolition and operation of green commercial structures. At Waste Eliminator, we are proud to work with LEED-certified partners and provide advance waste diversion initiatives and sustainable waste disposal options.

Waste Eliminator has performed LEED-certified work for many years and specializes in hauling and processing waste with recycling solutions in mind. With two company-owned Material Recovery Facilities across the greater Metro Atlanta area, there is no job that we cannot handle.

We continue to strive to build upon our recycling performance and have years of experience handling various waste streams at the project site. In addition, Waste Eliminator will provide all reporting and documentation necessary for your project, making it easier for the customer.

Processing Organics

Food waste, yard trimmings and other biosolids make up a significant portion of the material, by weight, that we manage. WE continues to invest in new or expanded infrastructure for handling this material at the end of its life.

Composting and mulching are proven, low-cost solutions for managing large volumes of organic materials, particularly yard waste. Much of the food and yard waste WE collects eventually becomes compost, which can be applied to farm fields and landscaping to increase the health of soils.

Sound Governance

Our commitment to sustainability and corporate governance is fully integrated into management’s day-to-day approach and is reflected in our operations and long-term outlook.

A culture focused on environmental stewardship is core to Waste Eliminator’s strategy and essential in our commitment to provide sustainable and value-enhancing solutions for our customers.

Waste Eliminator’s management team and Board of Directors strive to protect our community from the potentially harmful impacts of waste. As a result, Waste Eliminator is focused on operating the business efficiently while evaluating new opportunities for recycling and enhancing our existing fleet and infrastructure.