Recycling Services and C&D Waste Disposal
Waste Eliminator is a premier, full-service provider of recycling and waste collection, removal, hauling, and recycling and landfill services to industrial and large commercial businesses across the Atlanta Metro area. With a focus on recycling and reuse, Waste Eliminator is prepared to help customers meet their sustainability goals and reduce your company’s environmental impact.


Waste Eliminator offers a full range of hauling options for every construction project. Whether you're undergoing a massive demolition or small remodeling, our fleet of roll-off trucks and dumpsters can accommodate your needs in a timely manner.

Material Recovery Facilities

Waste Eliminator owns and manages two Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) across the Atlanta metro area that use a range of state-of-the-art technologies to sort and prepare recyclable material for resale and reuse. These facilities directly reduce the impact to the environment by diverting waste away from landfills.

C&D Landfill

Waste Eliminator operates a construction and demolition (C&D) landfill and provides local landfill disposal services to the greater metro Atlanta area.
Organic Waste Recycling Services and Infrastructure
Waste Eliminator utilizes organic processing and depackaging facilities that allow the company to recycle or repurpose organic waste streams, including municipal wastewater and organic food products. In addition, Waste Eliminator blends these waste streams into nature-beneficial compost, fertilizer, and other soil amendments.

Food Waste Recycling and Disposal

Waste Eliminator is a leading hauler of biosolid and organic waste and offers an opportunity to reuse this organic matter for beneficial use.

WASTEWATER Hauling and Recycling

Waste Eliminator hauls municipal and commercial wastewater and disposes of the water in a way that benefits you and the environment. The Company has numerous options to dispose of your water through land application and composting.

Composting Facilities

As a leader in composting, Waste Eliminator operates one of the largest composting facilities across the state. WE offers a wide variety of compost and nursery blends to fit any agricultural purposes whether gardeners, landscapers or farmers across Georgia.


At Waste Eliminator, we are proud to work with LEED-certified partners and have performed hundreds of LEED projects since 2011. When it comes to LEED projects, we understand the importance of taking environmental concerns into mind and offer a qualified partnership to advance waste diversion initiatives and sustainable waste disposal. We will work with you to responsibly divert waste from landfills, all while seamlessly providing the necessary documentation to make LEED certification easy for your business.

Making a Difference
In Metro Atlanta since 2004

Waste eliminator is proud to serve the entire greater Atlanta metro area. With our extensive coverage of waste and recycling equipment facilities, we can service all of your disposal and recycling needs.